Once, P. K. Warrier asked in the midst of a conversation, “What’s the difference between milk and ghee?”
He himself answered the question:
” What will happen if you pour milk into the fire? The fire will perish and when ghee is poured, the fire will get ignited.”
Which means, ghee can ignite the fire.

What you mean by fire here, is it just energy to cook food? No, it’s not just about that, it’s the core of every metabolism that happens inside the human body.  When milk gives speedy results, the results of ghee in the human body take time but it’s long-lasting.  In short, ghee is more important than milk at times when it comes to body care.

Only if the required amount of ghee is consumed, the full potential of intelligence and memory power can be achieved.  Thus, ghee should be included in the table of the vitamin-rich product; in an era where diseases like Alzheimer’s and Poor Eyesight increase day by day, ghee helps in preventing such diseases and boosts hearing and visual abilities.

Ghee is considered a food product and at the same time, it’s considered the best medicine to ignite the melodious voice and grace of the human body.  Ghee is also considered as the best medicine for improving “Vaginal Health”.

Medicines mixed with ghee were used in the olden days to treat Hysteria and Lunacy. It was also found before years that, ghee has the ability to clean wounds and heal them effectively. Ghee can be applied with or without honey on wounds for faster healing.