Cancer is a dreaded disease which affects society and creates physical as well as psychological impacts. The progressive trends of this disease can be visible in almost every part of the world. The reason for the increase consists of mainly environmental factors. The average rate of death per year is approximately 7-8 lakhs in our country. The majority of cancers are preventable with a good lifestyle and social hygiene. It is quite interesting that a country like India which has varied medical systems can achieve more in cancer care. An integrative approach is highly appreciable.

Cancer care consists of prevention as well as disease management. Ayurveda has a variety of preventive aspects which can be propagated among the society will give a positive result. In disease management curative as well as palliative ways exist. In our country, a majority of cases are diagnosed in advanced stages which may require palliative measures. The treatments as well as dietary schedules offered by Ayurveda plays a major role in palliative care. Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal, a pioneer institution with 118 years of history in medical care has entered cancer care in 1999. Since then it has offered relief to so many cancer patients in an appreciable way. Geriatric cancer care as well as palliative care is some of the areas of interest in the field. Immune enhancing medicines and classical Ayurveda preparations and certain proprietary medicines are used in the management. An average of 15000 cancer cases visits our different clinics in a year. Improving the quality of life and longevity are the goals of the treatment.

Modern scientific diagnostic tools are used according to the conditions. A scientific approach using Ayurveda literatures are in practice. Various collaborative research programmes are in progress. Clinical and pharmacological research studies are being done to improve the efficacy of the treatment.