Dr Sunitha V

“The more you understand yourself, the more silent there is, the healthier you are” – goes a wisdom quote by Maxime Lagace (a renown American hockey player)

This quote is a reflection of Ayuvedic view on health and well-being at a deeper level of understanding. The philosophy of Ayurveda on wellness envelopes the physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects of a person. That makes Ayurveda to be perceived and pursued more as a promotive and protective system of health care apart from its therapeutic facet.

Ayurveda upholds the principle of enhancing one’s inherent healing potentials to play the main role in keeping diseases at bay. This being the base, the science points out a good number of ways to condition oneself in the line with preventive therapeutics, aided by its own enormous Materia medica.

The formulation ‘Ayush Kwath Churnam’ gains relevance in this context. The formulation is prepared as per the directives of Ministry of AYUSH as a part of the protocols chalked out in view of the prevailing pandemic situation. The very purpose of this medicine is to improve one’s capability to resist infections thereby getting control of the spread of such diseases at community levels.

Ayush Kwath Churnam made available to the public is presented in a fine powder form. Ingredients of the combination are basil leaves ( Ocimum sanctum– four parts), dried ginger( Zingiber officianale– two parts), Cinnamon bark( Cinnamon zeylanicum– two parts) and pepper( Piper nigrum– one part)

Basil leaves are well known for its antimicrobial activity. It also helps relieve respiratory issues like common cold, cough or chest congestion even. Incidentally, these problems need to be addressed especially in the existing backdrop of infectious diseases. Hence, this herb gets the lion share in the combination.

Cinnamon bark has remarkable antioxidant and metabolism-enhancing potentials. The drug facilitates better absorption and assimilation of consumed food. Similar activities account for dried ginger too.

Pepper is established to be a bio-enhancer for its phytoconstituent- piperine. Piperine has a catalytic action related to the biochemical environment of the body.

In short, the drugs in Ayush Kwath Churnam belong to the classes of metabolic correctors and body system regulators which would favor fortification of strength, stamina and immunity power all the more.

The mode of use of this medicine is as simple and comparable as making a cup of coffee/tea. A hot infusion prepared out of this powder when taken along with a little bit of jaggery/raisins/lemon juice offers an excellent health drink.