The terms ‘Karkidaka’ and ‘Ayurveda’ have become synonymous to Keralites since time immemorial. This could be due to the complexity of diseases during that particular month and also due to the comparatively lesser threshold of work during that particular month. The month spreads awareness and offers solution for the health issues caused by the lifestyle changes.

Porridge as an ‘Energy Drink’
The weather in Karkidakam adversely affects the strength of body and the digestive system. The Karkidaka treatment and medicated porridge offers balancing the three doshas and rejuvenating the body by improving the immunity. The medicated porridge also prevents the usual monsoon diseases like fever, communicative diseases and asthmatic conditions during this period and to maintain good health throughout the year. It can also be treated as a medicinal recipe to overcome the work and social pressures of modern age.

The Significance of Ten Medical Leaves
To alleviate the difficulties of Arthritis in this season, Ayurveda suggests a warm water bath after applying medicated oils like Dhanwantharam Kuzhampu, Kottam Chukkadi Thailam, Prabhanjanavimardhanam Kuzhampu, etc. The medicated porridge can be consumed after the bath at around 10 in the morning during this period. Those who are undergoing medical treatment should take the advice of a qualified doctor on every aspect.

The ten leafy vegetable dishes prepared using, Senna Tora, Wild Colocasia, Yellow Cucumber, Pumpkin, Spinach, Colocasia Leaf, Ash Gourd, Yam, Broom Bush and Diplocyclospalmatus, has an important role in maintaining health. The Karkidaka treatment and medicated porridge offers balancing of different nutrients and fibers for a healthy body.

Lifestyle Changes and Practices
It is very difficult at present age to follow a time table in consuming food. One can blame the changes in weather, lifestyle and work atmosphere for it. The impact of the changes in lifestyle has resulted in the increase of diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, etc. The emergence of new generational fevers and emotional outbursts are manifested due to the poor relationship with nature and also lifestyle disorders.

Karkidakam warns the importance of health to be maintained throughout the subsequent months for one year by blessing with abundant medicinal plants around us and by inducing nostalgic reminders of our heritage. The medical precautions taken during this month helps to cleanse the toxic elements of the body and improves the digestive system. There are ample scientific evidences proving the antioxidant properties of the medicinal recipes directed to be taken in the month of Karkidakam.