The usual method of protecting the skin colour and health of new born babies is by using coconut milk as an external application before bath.  Lakshadi Keratailam is one of the best paediatric massage oils and it is also used for this purpose.  The oil may be applied all over the body, massaged gently and may be washed out using green gram powder while bathing.

Gentle skin friendly soaps can also be used for washing out the oil.  Vibha soap contains Udumbara, Aswatha, Nyagrodha and Nimba which are primary among the drugs recommended by Ayurveda for use in skin diseases.  Total fatty matter in Vibha soap is above 75%.  Vibha with the fragrance of Vettiver oil can be used for infants and adults.

Each 75 g prepared out of :

Official Name Botanical Name Part Form Quantity.
Udumbara Ficus racemosa St. Bk. Dct. 6.000 g
Aswtha Ficus religiosa St. Bk. Dct. 6.000 g
Nyagrodha Ficus benghalensis St. Bk. Dct. 6.000 g
Nimba Azadirachta indica Lf. Dct. 18.000 g
Usiratailam Vetiveria zizanioides Rt. Ol. 0.375 g

Test result of VIBHA :

SN Test Parameter Unit Result Standard
01 Appearance Characteristic brown coloured soap Characteristic brown coloured soap
02 Odour Characteristic complies
03 Average weight g 75.0  +  0.5
04 Total fatty matter % 79.06 76.0 minimum
05 pH 8.22 8 – 10.5
06 Free caustic alkali as sodium hydroxide % Nil 0.05 maximum
07 Free fatty acid, as oleic acid % 1.17 3.0 maximum
08 Lather ml 260 200 ml minimum
09 Matter insoluble in alcohol % 0.53 2.0 maximum
10 Chloride % 0.65 1.3 maximum
11 Moisture & volatile matter % by mass 12.63 15.0 maximum